Freda Emmons

Speaker Services 

I am available to share my story of survival and healing from physical and

sexual abuse, as well as other subjects in a wide variety of formats. I will bring

humor, sensitivity, and compassion to your event. I will endeavor to be a part

of your planning, creative, and group needs and the fulfillment of those needs.

The variety of venues I am available for include:                      Women's Retreat Speaker 

                  * Bible Study Speaker 


                  * Women's Ministry Event Speaker 


                  * Couples' Retreat Speaker


                  * Civic Organization Presentation


                  * College Presentation 

                  * High School/Youth Group Presentation

Types of Presentations:    
                  * My Story of Surviving Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse & the Hope and Healing I've found.

                  * In-depth Presentation of Physical and Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Sex

                     Trafficking, either Christian or secular in nature, includes low-cost booklet with factual

                  *  6  1-hour Presentations of Flame of Healing Chapters, excellent for people who are hurting or

                      who want to help those who are hurting.

                  * Couples' Retreat, with activities that promote worship, communication, and intimacy. 
                  * Bible Study, an in-depth exploration of Scripture and the issues of suffering, emotional trauma,

                     forgiveness, placing your identity in Christ, God's love for each of us, and reaching out to

                  * Women's Retreat, with activities that promote personal intimacy with God and sharing

                      the blessings of God's love. 

Specific topics that have been a blessing include: 
             1. God is Faithful! 
                    a) The Attributes of God.   

                    b) God is Faithful with Our Past, a compassionate perspective of healing from past hurts.
                    c) God is Faithful with Our Present, an exploration of life challenges. 
                    d) God is Faithful with Our Future, an exhilarating exploration of living eternally with our God.
             2. Receiving God's Love and Reflecting His Love to Others, with a prism as a concrete focus

                 of receiving and reflecting God's love.
                    a) The Very Beginning - Learning to Receive God's Love.
                    b) Around the Bend - Healing the Pain of Past Abuse or Trauma. 
                    c) Up the Hill - Learning to Value Yourself, As God Does.
                    d) The Choice of Two Roads - Choosing to Set Aside Self, to Begin to Reflect God's Love

                         to others. 
                    e) The Road of Fulfillment - Fully Receiving God's Love and Graciously Reflecting God's Love to


Others Other topics I would love to explore with your group: 
                    * Spiritual Maturity, Deep Roots and Abundant Fruit, an exploration of how God uses

                       nature to encourage spiritual growth and maturity.
                    * Abundance and Fruitfulness, God's blessing to us and the great honor of glorifying

                    * Any area of focus that God is leading you and your group to explore.

Additional items I offer, at a minimal cost per attendee:
            1. Name Tags, designed with your event theme. 
            2. Keepsake booklet, with individual pages that may include: 
                 a) Name, Meaning of Name, Scripture that reflects the meaning of the name - God's blessing 

                       of each individual.
                 b) Scripture verses that reflect the theme of the event.
                 c) Scripture verses for each specific presentation, breakout session, or class.
            3. Specific Craft to highlight theme of event, such as a necklace with a heart prism.


Commitment to Compassionate, Professional Presentation 
It is my endeavor to work with you and your planning team, to bring humor, creativity, and compassion in great depth to your event. It is an honor to be considered for your upcoming event.


I ask for an honorarium ($125-$400, as the Lord leads your planning team), lodging (if required for your event), craft expenses for event, and travel expenses.

​I’ve had the great experience of speaking with Toastmasters International for three and a half years. I have shared my story and the hope and healing of Christ with women’s groups, as a lay sermon, as well as women’s retreats, with the additional benefit of intensely beneficial activities which promote healing. She has also spoken in secular settings, at a community college and is open to do so again. I bring compassion, empathy, and a bit of humor to the very difficult issues which surround abuse and trauma. It must be noted, that I am a survivor and not a counselor, nor do I provide professional counseling. I focus upon issues of healing from abuse and trauma, learning to value oneself in the Lord, and the hope that we have in Christ, life eternal!


As a speaker, I bring compassion to people who are hurting, providing many avenues for experiencing how immeasurably valuable every person is. My presentations can be emotional, life-changing, and at times, intense. At the end of one women’s retreat, a lady said, “I have learned more about myself in one weekend, than in 32 years!”


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