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Freda Emmons'


I am available to share my story of survival and healing from physical and

sexual abuse. I do so with  humor, sensitivity, and compassion.

 * My Story of Surviving Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse & the Hope and Healing I've found.

         1. God is Faithful! 
                    a) The Attributes of God.   

                    b) God is Faithful with Our Past, a compassionate perspective of healing from past hurts.
                    c) God is Faithful with Our Present, an exploration of life challenges. 
                    d) God is Faithful with Our Future, an exhilarating exploration of living eternally with our God.
         2. Receiving God's Love and Reflecting His Love to Others, with a prism as a concrete focus        

              of receiving and reflecting God's love.
                    a) The Very Beginning - Learning to Receive God's Love.
                    b) Around the Bend - Healing the Pain of Past Abuse or Trauma. 
                    c) Up the Hill - Learning to Value Yourself, As God Does.
                    d) The Choice of Two Roads - Choosing to Set Aside Self, to Begin to Reflect God's Love

                         to others. 
                    e) The Road of Fulfillment - Fully Receiving God's Love and Graciously Reflecting God's Love to


* Physical and Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking

I bring compassion to people who are hurting, providing many avenues for experiencing how immeasurably valuable every person is. My presentations can be emotional, life-changing, and at times, intense. At the end of one women’s retreat, a lady said, “I have learned more about myself in one weekend, than in 32 years!”           

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