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Sarah's morning activities seemed quite ordinary, but on this day, the divine invaded the mundane. Today, the eternal transformed Sarah's very existence; resurrection morning fulfilled every hope that reverberated deep in her soul. Experience with Sarah the certainty that awaits all Jesus followers, transformation of our bodies, profound worship in the very Presence of the Living God, and exhilarating life in Heaven.

In Resurrection Hope, author Freda Emmons explores the hope that lies deep in every believers' soul, namely, what is the culmination of this hope we cling to? What will life with our Creator and Savior be like? In Resurrection Hope, an insightful and artfully woven tale, Emmons opens wide the door of tangible exploration of our eternal destiny.




If you are interested and even curious about eternal life, Resurrection Hope will give you a generous taste of the joy of living in the Presence of God. 



Resurrection Hope

I want to learn more about angels

What will

Heaven be like ?

How will life

be different ?

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