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Resurrection Hope 


Chapter 1 ~ Called Out from the Ordinary
"As she looked over the landscape, Sarah saw a wondrous thing. All around her,
if she looked carefully, on the smallest of observable scales, it seemed as if the
molecules of the air, land, and water began to separate into little squares like pixels in a computer program. Everywhere she looked things became pixilated, not in the normal idea of blurring things, but instead clarifying things more. The pixels began moving, separating for movement that Sarah could now see. She watched as those who had received Jesus but were bound by death in the depths of the water and earth were now released. Wondrously transformed and newly adorned in the brightest white robes Sarah had ever seen, they rose gloriously through the pixels, released to new life by the Creator of life. She watched eagerly as beautiful angels met with each person; the pixilated air moved effortlessly aside to ease their journey toward Jesus. Sarah felt inundated, as emotions too wonderful to express spilled over. She wept in utter amazement as she observed the sights and sounds of this resurrection morning. 'And now, my dear Sarah,' Jesus spoke audibly and to her spirit, 'come and experience eternal life with me.' "
Chapter 2 ~ A New Forever Abode
"As the resounding voices quieted again in reverent worship of the Almighty, Sarah felt satiated with fullness of joy. A new realization of the majesty she was experiencing pulsated as she acknowledged the immensity of it. Sarah acknowledged with an excited giggle that a new language has just been imparted by the Spirit to all believers. It was instantaneous; Sarah understood this new language of Heaven and was completely comfortable expressing her adoration of the eternal Almighty God. All the voices had proclaimed praise to God in joyous unity of spirit and voice. Once again, she felt humbled before Him."
Chapter 3 ~ The Throne Room of God
"As she continued her walk, Sarah felt the gentle encouragement of the Spirit to join the body of Christ before the throne of God. He guided her in the direction to walk; she was beginning to get a feel for the ease of communication here. Everyone seemed to be experiencing the same intensity of relationship with each other, whether related (by earth's physical standards) or not. The love that God created humanity to live in was now being manifested in their midst; the old rules of earth no longer applied. Sarah was giddy with the feeling of true fellowship. She never imagined this level of relationship; God's love filled every emotional need and was overflowing to all those around her. It was this love, she realized, that was the supreme unification of all humanity."
Chapter 4 ~ Garden Visit and Family Time
"Paul squeezed her hand, and they continued meandering through the fragrant blossoms. Then, not too abruptly, he turned the corner in the sweet-smelling garden and their conversation. He held her hand close to his chest and said with eyes brimming with joyful tears, "We have a new and deep relationship here, Sarah. The words 'brother and sister in Christ' hold in them depth and power. It's like music. Remember when I was in the orchestra back home? I felt the music differently when I was in the midst of it with my cello, the sound all around me, than when I listened to a recording. I loved the feeling of being a part of the music. I have that same feeling now with you. It's a more complete love, different and yet better than we've ever had before."
Chapter 5 ~,A Journey of Wonder
" 'The Spirit of the living God affirmed to every angel that we always have a choice. If we do not want to be here, He will allow us to leave - but not as angels. We too would give up the beauty and joy. Our bodies would become broken and painful. Demon would be our name. It made me shudder. That was the only season of hardship in Heaven. The Lord God brought healing to our broken hearts. His balm of love soothe the pain of what we had witnessed. Once again, peace flowed through Heaven as a warm breeze flutters the leaves of a giant maple tree. I have learned many things from God, my Creator, and from other angels. God is ever creating beauty and splendor. It is with wonder that I experience existence with God. he is the source of abundant life. I have learned wisdom, compassion, humor, and knowledge from the Spirit of God and from His angels. I have also shared with angels of my experience. I love my relationships with God, with other angels, and now with you, my dear one.' "
Chapter 6 ~ Extended Family Reunion
"Suddenly, Sarah became aware of a quieting of the conversations and laughter. She turned her head and felt the leap of her heart; Jesus came to visit! He approached the thousand or more of their family gathering, opening His arms and sharing his love with the entire family. Sarah watched as Jesus caressed, hugged, blessed, and poured His love over her family. She felt as though she would burst with the joy that she felt in His presence. She joined in the hugging and received a new blessing of joy as His arms enfolded her. How precious she felt in the arms of her creator and Lord!"
Chapter 7 ~ Humanity Emergent
" 'So many details of creation boggle my mind. God holds the tiniest, infinitesimal details like molecules, DNA, and the beautiful, double-helix form of it in His hands. At the exact same moment, he also holds in place all the details of the macro universe, like the galaxies and the planets - even the earth in exactly the right distance from the sun and exactly the right atmosphere to support life - in perfect control and balance. If one detail were to be out of place, like the earth being just a bit closer or further away from its sun, all life on earth would either burn up or freeze. God is so wonderful. He teaches me and allows me to experience His creativity and loving characteristics in the process of my edification.' "
Chapter 8 ~ Heavenly Worship
"Sarah took a moment to ruminate; what had begun as worship of the Almighty by two ladies became a powerful expression of worship, love, and unity for all of Heaven. All around her, Sarah saw, heard, and felt the joy of this unity and love as her brothers and sisters hugged each other, laughed, and frolicked about, dancing and jumping higher and higher in their exhuberence. As she watched, she grasped that God had imparted to her spirit a new echelon of knowledge; she now knew everyone by name and, in the case of humanity, when each one lived upon the earth, and who he or she was in the family of God. She also knew each angel by name and the ministry the Lord imparted to them. It was an astonishing sense of understanding, for the Spirit also revealed how invaluable every person and angel is, that each is cherished of God and bestowed with personal adeptness that the family of God needed and was blessed by. Sarah gathered, by the reactions of those around her, that each of them had received this same knowledge."
Chapter 9 ~ Family Camaraderie
"Mark surprised them all with a revelation of a new endeavor. "I love the peace and beauty so much that I have begun to paint. It's something I've always wanted to do but never felt that I would have much talent. The Spirit is giving me such creativity, insight, and power. Now, I don't want to stop! So, my first painting is for you, Dad, to honor you for all you have done for us."
Chapter 10 ~ Song of God
"As He passed by, Jesus lifted her up and held her, saying, 'My lovely Sarah, my peace was given to you on earth, and I bless you even more now. I rejoice that the Father has given you to me. The Father, Spirit, and I will cherish you forever.' He gave her a gentle squeeze and released her."
Chapter 11 ~ A Child Broken
"Through a strange portal, still unknowable to me, one that separated space, time, flesh, and bone, I actually observed the joining of twenty-three male and twenty-three female chromosomes that then became one body, growing exponentially from that very moment. After I observed with wonder His creation of your body, God moved us back to Heaven, then quickly ushered me to a new place on the very edge of Heaven. It was the pixilation portal that was the very place that Jesus' body provided the divine ladder for angels to enter and leave earth's time and space."
Chapter 12 ~ Father-Daughter Reconciliation
"Sarah held her father's hand and looked up into his tender eyes. She respected the huge changes in his spirit and the way he even thought about life. The manner in which he shared his repentance and new life in God's grace revealed a new gentleness in his visage. He was the same strong father that she remembered, but far more gentle, tender, and even intense in his praise of God. He was indeed a new creation!"
Chapter 13 ~ Mothers' Reunion Luncheon
"When Mary said, 'savage violence,' Sarah immediately saw in her mind and felt in her spirit the horror that Mary had experienced when she learned of Herod's effort to slay Jesus and all the baby boys he murdered in the attempt. The Spirit whispered in her ear that those boys were here and were thrilled to be reunited with their mothers."
Chapter 14 ~ With Daddy God
"The Father watched His beloved Sarah as she entered the throne room; He stood up and drew near her. As He approached, Sarah was enthralled. His countenance emanated joy; His face exuded pure love. He wore the most elegant attire, which unified design and color in royal splendor. She felt so much love radiating from Him; she ran to Him and snuggled into His arms as if she was a little girl on her birthday. She felt completely free to do so, and His loving embrace affirmed not only that freedom, but even more - a preciousness to her being in His arms."
Chapter 15 ~ Exploring Heaven
"Sarah then heard the flowers speaking to her, in tender, sweet voices. They were saying together, 'The Jumping Joy Bugs are a blessing to us. They are joyful to receive the simple gift that we offer, this juice of our beauty. Each of us have a different flavored juice, and it blesses us when someone drinks it. Would you like some, Sarah?' "
Chapter 16 ~ Relationship Rekindled
"Keturael continued, 'Teachers who were excellent in teaching children and full to the brim with compassion and love shored up your school years. Your third-grade teacher, a dear woman of God, gave you a bottle of perfume for Christmas. It was the first time that you perceived of yourself as beautiful. (Sarah breathed in deep, remembering how precious that gift was to her and how it brought a sense of personal worth to her mangled sense of self worth.) It was so precious to watch you blossom under the tutelage of men and women of distinction. In high school, several teachers praised your abilities and challenged you to stretch forth to excellence. Every child needs such encouragement. It was a blessing that you received it. I felt so privileged to cover you with God's love and grace in those formative years.' "
Chapter 17 ~ Friendship Renewal
"Sarah breathed deep of the bliss that lifted her soul. She whispered "Rose" and tossed an invitation to her precious friend. "Would you like to visit? I really want to see you again and begin this new, eternal friendship we have in God's grace."
Chapter 18 ~ Melding of Sisterhood Solidified
"Sally was even lovelier than when she had last seen her back on earth. She was brimming with enthusiasm of life in the Lord. Her lively red curls gushed from the top of her head all the way down to her shoulders, occasionally bouncing onto her face, confirming her fervor as though they added to it. Her smile was bright, with laughter always waiting at the edge of her lips for the easy moments of her quirky sense of humor. The two women of God embraced tenderly and passionately, for theirs was a bond of sisterhood and of faith in Almighty God."
Chapter 19 ~ Clarification and Appreciation
"Katurael widened the view of what they saw to include the spiritual realm and her presence. She noted, 'Yes, Sarah, I was with you. As a minister of God's love to you, I stayed by your side in all the hiding moments and the times of hurting too. I was with you when you cried and when you were with friends, laughing and having fun as a child should.' "
Chapter 20 ~ A Taste of Eternity
"In tiny chirps (a squirrel), the answer revealed itself. 'I love the warmth and love of our Creator, God. His provision for me is complete - all the food I need and so many companions to visit with! My life is filled with frolicking about wherever I want to go and enjoying life to the max!' "
Chapter 21 ~ Wedding Supper of the Lamb
"A very gentle man, whose name was Benjamin, rose to his feet and held his arms high; a hush came over the throng of humanity. Sarah marveled at how well his voice carried, for he did not need a microphone. He encouraged everyone to pray, proclaiming the love of their groom and the joy of the bride. There was no need for any further encouragement. The prayers of the saints became a fragrant offering before the Father - silent prayer, quiet prayer, pleading prayer, singing prayer, praise and worship - beautiful fragrances wafted up before the presence of God. Sarah felt a peace settle upon her heart as she prayed. The powerful peace of God that was always beyond her understanding permeated every pore of her body - from the tiny hair follicles of her head to the very tips of her toes. She experienced the Father's love, but now there was something new - a love of such intensity that she had never known before. This love met a need that was so deep inside her that she did not know it even existed. It fulfilled her so completely, so powerfully that she felt she might burst. Her emotions were beyond her, and she could only be silent before this love."
Chapter 22 ~ A Force of Divine Power
"With barely a zip, they were at the gathering place of the believers and their horses. Keturael guided Sarah to a beautiful mare who whinnied her greeting, 'Helooooooo to you, my precious cargo. I am Skatira and am aaaaaaaat your service.' "
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