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Freda Emmons


ISBN 13:  978-1546542667

ISBN 10:  1546542663

In Flame of Healing: A Daily Journey of Healing from Abuse and Trauma, author Freda Emmons offers hope, comfort, and healing. Focusing on the word of God, the book takes the wounded soul on a journey to emotional health and fullness of joy - one small step at a time. 


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From the back cover:

"As a Christian and a psychotherapist, I am convinced that the power of faith and grief work along with honest self-reckoning can transform people's lives.  This book is a treasure of generous gifts! It reinforces love and hope in the midst of recovery!   It gently helps the reader make a concerted effort to change both their dis-torted beliefs and behaviors that frequently result from traumatic experiences. It is a very unique yet simple guide from traditional insight-oriented psychotherapy. But in our times, most people need much more than mere insight into their difficulties. Most often, they need to grow and strengthen their character in order to transform the way they view themselves, and others, following the profound rupture of trust which follows trauma.  Without question, this can be a daunting and difficult mission in the absence of a gentle faith which comforts and consoles. Emmons uses her extensive history as a survivor of abuse to provide a daily journaling experience for those who seek to travel a path to healing.  Her exercises guide us with daily reflections, scriptures, and activities into a sincere and persistent effort to embody the virtues of thanksgiving, using the values of one's faith as a key reinforcement in the healing process.  After reviewing dozens of self help books, I found this little gem to be the perfect compliment for our aftercare program following The Grief to Grace Retreats. We have offered it as a gift to all our participants to help them continue the work they began with us."  

Dr. Theresa Burke

Author, Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats for healing after abortion

Author, Grief to Grace Retreats – Healing the Wounds of Abuse – Reclaiming the Gift of Human Dignity

"Resurrection Hope, by Freda Emmons, will ​challenge your ideas about what Heaven will be like; the people, the events, the sights, and the revelations. It held my interest start to finish. It is well written and easy to understand but offers some interesting twists even for someone well-acquainted with the Biblical descriptions of eternity. I would highly 

recommend this book."

LaVorna Tester
Mentor and Teacher​​

ISBN 13:  978-154829299583

ISBN 10:  1548299588

Millenial Hope Kindle cover.jpg

ISBN 13:  978-1548771577 

ISBN-10: 1548771570

“A gift of what it could be like to live with Jesus – a beautiful vision from a lovely and inspired imagination. I believe that if everyone could dream like this, we would all be a lot more excited about being Christians!”             

Kyle Sims 

“If you've ever wondered what the Great White Throne Judgement will be like, you'll find this book is a vision of what we look forward to one day. Freda does a great job placing us in the middle of it all. Praise God!"

LaVorna Tester 

Creative Writing,

as an Extension

of Listening Prayer

This booklet is a fun exploration of what listening prayer is and how it can transform your life in creative writing.

Creative Writing Cover.jpg

ISBN 13:  9781070984469

I am so grateful to read Freda Emmons’ book, Eternal Hope!  She writes beautifully, telling the story of being in Heaven, when Heaven and the new Jerusalem come together. It brought tears of joy.  Also, I loved to read how much our Heavenly Father and Jesus, His Son and Holy Spirit loves me and us, His children. She writes with great word pictures of interacting with each of them, which hit a deep core in my heart, to know unconditional Love; we get to live that way for eternity!! After I read each chapter, I walked away with hope, healing, and at awe for what is coming. I realized I could bring some of that here in the present and feel closer to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! As I read, I could hear how God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus gave her the words to write this book; it was coming directly from them to Freda.  This book is so worth reading.  I have already told others about this book; they are excited to read it!                      Vicki Holland 3-20-2022

Eternal Hope front cover.bmp

ISBN 13:  9798441079778  

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This is a beautiful portrayal of who I am. Out of horrendous suffering, gracious beauty can come about. This is my life; it colors my writing and gives me compassion and a longing to bring about healing in those who suffer.

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