Human sexuality is the most profound, intense blessing two people can share. It is an intricate, beautiful, and powerful expression of love. However, when it is twisted and used for money, power and control, it changes to be the most painful, devaluing experiences of life.

My longing is that every person seeing this webpage will join me and thousands of others who are fighting sex trafficking in every way possible, from education to enacting and enforcing strong laws against sex trafficking and its cohorts. Contact me at: or (503) 539-6326. Join with me to make life full of joy, the way it should be.

Sex Trafficking is the unlawful inducement of a sexual act by force, fraud, or coercion. Child sex slavery, prostitution of children and the production of child pornography are the deplorable practices that have the ultimate goal of money. Pimps use force to induce prostitution, again for money. The degradation of the victim and the emotional trauma is of no consideration to those who using individuals' sexuality for monetary gain. Children as young as 6 months old have been used as sex objects; teens are vulnerable by their desire to be accepted by the opposite sex. Often, a young girl finds that a boy is interested in her; soon they are going steady. Then, he offers to take her on a day trip to the beach, or to the mountain, or to a large city, just to see the sites. When they arrive, perhaps he will keep up the ruse for awhile, taking her to lunch. But then, he meets another sex trafficker, sells her, and she is moved - now by force, to another city or state, then forced to prostitute herself just to eat, or to avoid terrifying beatings. She may never see her family again and may even be killed in the process of her victimization.  Adults can easily be coerced, by controlling and violent perpetrators, into the production of pornography or prostitution. When food and pain are used, a person is willing to do anything, just to survive.  

The human toll of sex trafficking is beyond measure. The overwhelming nature of sexual assault, especially when coercion is involved, is devastating. Healing is very possible; humanity has been created with resillience in survival and healing from such horror. But it is not without consequences; the devaluation of human life is but one of those consequences. 

Sex Trafficking