Life is too beautiful and precious

to stay in deep emotional pain from trauma. I encourage you to process the pain,

to understand the depth of its grip on you,

and to choose to move beyond

its debilitating grasp on your life.

Seek healing every day,

with all that is in you

and you will begin to feel

the hope that is in

the beauty of a simple flower

and the dawning of a new day.

Other Traumatizing Circumstances

There are so many different life events that can be traumatizing. Each one pulls at the heart, breaking the spirit. Grieving is intense, extremely individual in the length of time needed and the process. Steps of healing that may really help one person may not help another at all. The most important thing about beginning to deal with the trauma that you suffered is to not accept any negative comment from any other person. You are the one who lived through the debilitating trauma; only you know your own emotions and how they make you feel. It is good to understand how your personal choices have had consequences, for the better and/or for the worse. And yet, it is not beneficial to beat yourself up emotionally for mistakes that you've made and the consequences of those mistakes. It is enough to accept those consequences and move on, in higher maturity and striving for healing and excellence in living life.  

Some of the life events that can bring tremendous pain include:

  • ​serious illness or death of a parent

  • loss of a close friend, moving, serious illness, or death

  • loss of health, mobility, sight, hearing, or a limb

  • choices of alcohol, drug and/or medication abuse

  • choices to live in angry, resentful, violent and/or controlling relationships

  • choices to be angry, resentful, violent, and/or controlling toward others

  • choices to continue earlier victimization through stripping, exotic dancing, prostituting yourself, etc.

  • serious illness or death of a spouse, child, or dear friend

  • natural disaster, such as a hurricane, earthquake, or flood  

  • serious accident, causing injury and/or death