From Chapter 13

                Mothers' Reunion Luncheon

   "At an exquisitely decorated podium in the middle of a large stage, Mary introduced herself and greeted them. 'Welcome to our mothers' reunion luncheon. This is the first of many luncheons. Each of them will be a blessing to all who attend. They will each be unique. Today, we want to bless you in a very special way. Where there once was sadness in your life on earth, there will now be healing and joy. I have been so looking forward to meeting with every mother in this banquet hall, for you and I have experienced similar loss. I watched my son, Jesus, as he hung on that cross and died. My loss was real, and sorrow filled my soul. I am so thankful today that He is God. He is the resurrection hope of humanity. Please welcome Him here today with me!' She graciously stepped aside, raised her arm to indicate her son, Jesus, and led the applause.

   The women gave Jesus a standing ovation. He said in an intensely warm baritone voice, 'Thank you, ladies, for joining my mother and me for this luncheon. The special nature of this gathering will bring you much joy, wiping away any residual sadness from your time on earth. I am here to bring you complete love, acceptance, peace, and compassion. Each one of you, dear mothers, is precious to me. It is my joy to bring to you a unique mothers' reunion. Today is a day of blessing, of rejoicing. All of Heaven has anticipated the joy of this reunion banquet to your hearts and lives. And now, for the introduction of all the details, I will give you back to my mother.' Jesus stepped back and sat upon a beautiful lounging chair on the stage, resting in the comfort of the fullness of love that He is. Applause pursued Jesus, and He responded with a broad smile and bowed his head to the women, graciously acknowledging their praise.

   Mary once again stepped up to the podium. She began sharing her vision for this reunion. 'A mother's love runs deep. God created us to be nurturing, loving, compassionate, and undaunted in our commitment to our children. Satan wanted to have everlasting dominion over his kingdom on earth, so he lied, cheated, and manipulated humanity. I am thankful, so very thankful, that he was not successful in his quest for everlasting dominion. He wanted death to reign. In Jesus, we have had resurrection hope - Satan's temporary hold on our lives have been defeated! (There was thunderous applause.) Every woman here in this mothers' reunion has lost a child - some even several - to death by abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, savage violence, illness, or in an accident.'

   When Mary said 'savage violence,' Sarah immediately saw in her mind and felt in her spirit the horror that Mary had experienced when she learned of Herod's attempt to slay Jesus and all the baby boys he murdered in the attempt. The Spirit whispered in her ear that those boys were here and were thrilled to be reunited with their mothers. 

​   Mary continued, 'I know the pain you have suffered and the hope you have longed for. Jesus is the fulfillment of our resurrection hope - in Him is eternal life!' Her voice reverberated in strength in the proclamation of hope and the women responded with their arms held high in praise, their voices echoing amen throughout the banquet hall."

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