Below is the reality of child abuse. Think about the carefree life of childhood without abuse and then, 

 ponder the pain that breaks a child's spirit, the physical, emotional and psychological pain of physical,

 sexual and emotional abuse and of neglect.

Child Abuse is the maltreatment of a child under the age of 18 by a parent, caretaker, someone in their home, or someone who works with or is around children.


Child abuse includes: 

     1. Physical - hitting, shaking, burns, human bites, strangulation, kicking, as well as many other forms of

         physical torture.  

     2. Emotional - constant disapproval, belittling, constant teasing, constant emotional games.

     3. Sexual - fondling, the showing of private parts by an adult, sexual intercourse, oral and anal sex,

         forcing a child to watch while others have sexual intercourse, incest, pornography.

     4. Neglect - absence of adequate food, shelter, emotional and physical security, and medical care.


Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic of child abuse and neglect. The United States has the worst record in the industrialized nations, loosing five children every day due to abuse related deaths.                 

                           (US Dept. of Health & Human Services. Administration for Children and Families, Child Maltreatment 2010.)

The suffering that is endured by a child in any one or all of the forms of abuse is intense. Children who are victims of child abuse are more vulnerable to low-self esteem, being bullied, bullying, having extreme sensitivities to touch, loud noises, and changes that they don't understand and therefore feel unsafe. They are also more vulnerable to being violent themselves, abusing drugs and alcohol, and having many different problems with their own sexuality because of sexual abuse. This can lead to further victimization, because the sense of self-value has been depleted. In addition, victimization robs children of their understanding of healthy boundaries, which leaves them extremely vulnerable to those who would exploit them. It is hard to imagine that people would use children in such degrading ways as sexual videos, sex trafficking and drugs, all for the greed of money; but it is so prevalent that we must be advocates to stop these heinous practices.

The process of healing from childhood abuse is arduous and requires courage and tenacity. Christian counseling is very helpful because in the tender guidance from a professional, the many facets of self-image, self-value and self-love can be bolstered in an environment of the love of God toward the individual.

Flame of Healing is a devotional, which focuses on the Word of God, The Bible, is a great resource for any survivor of childhood abuse. It helps with tiny steps of healing, working through the difficult issues of "Why does such suffering occur?" and "What is this thing called forgiveness?" as well as many other issues surrounding the devastation of abuse to one's life.

Flame of Healing is helping victims of abuse to heal their emotional wounds and to transform their lives from victim to great victory. It has been accepted internationally and is helping people in at least 5 countries, USA, England, Canada, Jamaica, and Kenya. One young teenager was decimated by the act of rape. Her brokenness was overwhelming and as she began reading Flame of Healing and writing of her own emotions in response to each step of healing, she was able to cry and began the healing process. As hearts and lives are changed by this book, I (the author) am even more blessed; my life has been transformed by the healing that others are experiencing. 

This is a picture of how childhood is supposed to be, carefree and fun, frolicking and full of joy. Child abuse is devastating; there is hope and healing available for those that are immobilized by the emotional pain. If you are hurting today, take a step toward the healing of your soul. Purchase a copy of Flame of Healing and reclaim your innocence, your intrinsic value and your life.











Child Abuse